Inktober 2020!

Gloomy OctopusInktober, a magical time fraught with complications.


The month of October is many things. It's Breast Cancer Awareness month. I've noticed that it's also become awareness month for a whole host of other things. Octonation, the octopus fan club is making October the unofficial month of the octopus. 

Mimic Octopus

Let's talk about Inktober for a minute though, I love Inktober. It started around 8 years ago and has become a world wide drawing experience. The artist Jake Parker started it as way to help himself get better at drawing in ink. In concept, it's easy: draw something in ink, everyday and post it to your platform of choice with the hashtag, #inktober. That's it, simple.

Striped Octopus

Oi, getting mired in some muck now aren't we? This post isn't about that controversy, it's about me! I really wanted to show off some of my drawings from this month. I'll add in more as I pull them off my ipad. 

Giant Pacific Octopus

My focus for this Inktober was the octopus! I picked 12 unique and interesting species to draw. Why 12 you ask, my enlightened and perspective reader? Doing 31 drawings never works for me during Inktober, I end up spending too many hours drawing each day and burn out. Twelve also happens to be a number that can be used in many applications, which I am not going to reveal just yet. 

Blogging isn't something I've done for a long time (thanks Instagram!) but I'm really excited to just back in and start sharing more!

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