Are you squidding me? New shirts in the shop.

Let's be honest here, I should be inundating everywhere with new sales for the shopping season. But I'm not. Maybe this weekend. 

That's okay though, you are getting way too much of that already. I'm just super excited about the new shirts I have in my shop. One is a design I made for my son, who is literally obsessed with cephalopods. And I completely indulge him. I've made so many shirts for him with squids and octopuses... and bought him so many 8 armed toys, you'd think he had a problem.

After getting quite a good response from my Instagram post with his newest custom squid shirt, it dawned on me that adults might like this shirt as well. So I had a whole bunch printed up. It's always a really awesome feeling getting my artwork made into a physical product. 

The other shirt that I made is from one of my #inktober drawings. Again, I love octopuses and spent all of October drawing them. One of the drawings I was most happy with was the Mimic Octopus. 

Mimic octopus drawing

Thanks for reading! I'm very pleased to announce my new shirts. Have a happy and healthy Thanksgiving. 


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